About me

My name is Rémi, I'm a french perfectionnist who loves:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: me@wradion.dev.

IDEs / Editors Visual Studio, VS Code, Vim
Versioning Git, Github, Bitbucket
Shell sh, Bash, Zsh
Methodologies Agile, SCRUM
Management Kanban, Trello, JIRA
Databases / Caching PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis
Development Skills
Web (Backend) MVC | Ruby on Rails, Node.js
Web (HTML/CSS) HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Web (Frontend) Vue.js, React.js
Game ECS | Unity, MonoGame
Software MVVM | .NET WPF, WinForms
DevOps Docker, Kubernetes
Programming Languages
C# ███████▌
Ruby ███████▌
JavaScript ██████▌
Java ████
C / C++ ███
Operating Systems
Windows ███████
macOS ██████
Linux █████ 
Android ████